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Computer Science Africa

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Why Volunteer for CSAfrica?

Computer Science (CS) Africa is born from a team of privileged young developers who want to help make Computer Science Education accessible to underprivileged high schools in deprived communities of Africa who see technologies as magical and alien machines, starting from Ghana. The excitement accompanied by being able to program a computer goes way beyond to be a superpower for the 21st century and prepares us for the 4th industrial revolution. We want to make sure our content is not left behind.

Having volunteers with real-life experience in various fields of tech trade sharing their stories, instructing and facilitating is a life-changing opportunity and experience for these poor Gen Zs hungry to learn the algorithm powering these technologies and help their communities and our continent at large.

Do I need to be a Computer Science/Code Geek to volunteer?

Hell No! You do not need to be that individual to help CSAfrica in its mission. We’re looking for open-minded individuals who are optimistic and passionate about the growth of our continent and want to donate their skills. If you are that kind of individual, then we need you.

Ready to start volunteering? – It's easy, simply complete an application form. We will then discuss further and find the best way for you to engage in our projects.

Interested in internship opportunities and want to help us?

Awesome😍 – It's easy, simply complete an application form and specify you want to intern. Note that, you can be an intern at same time a volunteer.